Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello blog world people!! I just wanted to make a little post to get this thing started a little. I'm currently working full time and being a mommy and we are remodeling a house to move into, so my computer time is quite limited these days, as is my baking time. :( 
BUT we gotta eat so my cooking time has significantly increased from previous times! The only problem with that is that I took pictures of a lot of it on my phone and when I went to upload them for this wonderful blog post, they had all magically disappeared... I was a little upset to say the least. I guess that just means I'll have to make some more cakes soon so I can share them! 

Since I have nothing to share, I want to link some of my most favorite blogs on here to get this thing rolling! 
I said 'SOME' of my favorites (I find new ones each time I get online)

I hope you enjoy these very creative blogs and foodies!!